My wife and I have frequently thought about having an aquarium in our house. The biggest reason that I would like an aquarium is the feeling of relaxation it brings to me. I know I don't want a fresh water aquarium. I think it has to be salt. I like a lot of the coral life that I can grow in a salt water aquarium. I also think many of the salt water fish I can put in there are prettier.

One day when this happens I will journal that on this blog, until then I will talk a little bit about other aquariums that impress me (not that I have seen them in person). Today's aquarium is the aquarium housed in the Berlin Radisson. It is 25 meters tall and houses over 2,500 tropical fish. You can see a picture of it too the left. It is not something you would just go and shove in you house. It looks like it should be something that people have to pay to see (other then the cost of a hotel room). If anyone goes there please take pictures and let me know what it is like.


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