Endless Ocean - Scuba Diving Game

I, and several of my fans love to play video games, especially on the Wii. The Wii lets you experience a game unlike any other console that I have played. That being said, there are just some games that I don't think will work for the Wii. In this case it is a scuba diving game called "Endless Ocean" (in japan it is called Forever Blue)

I love the idea of of a scuba diving game that does not promote violence (shooting sharks) or exaggerate what the scuba diver does. Instead this game focus's on the idea of locating different types of coral or fish, or taking a scuba diver on a guided diver. All in all the game is about swimming around in a giant ocean (which you can also do with your friends via the internet) and seeing what there is to see. You can even take pictures underwater. I hope that this game leads to more people wanting to learn to scuba dive but ....

The game is limited in plot. Other then seeing the ocean I don't think people will be really interested in the game. Plus, scuba diving needs to be experienced, I don't think a video game can really bring that to the masses. Below is a 9 minute video of the Japanese version of the game. Watch and make your own judgment.


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