North Carolina Wreck Diving

This has been a summer where I have had a lot of stuff going on and haven't had a lot of time to scuba dive. This past weekend I had the chance to go down to Hatteras, North Carolina and do some wreck diving. I would have to say wreck diving is one of my favorite things to do. Not only do you get to see lots of fish life but you also get to see man made structures that have been sunk. Its interesting to see what the ocean does to a ship even after a couple of months under water.

On this past trip I had the opportunity to do some underwater video work for a couple of minutes. I have to say, after my brief experience I am not a fan of it. I think its neat that you can share your experience underwater with other people but its too much effort for me. I think I will stick with still photography.

Below is a video of me on the wreck of the Dixie Arrow. Behind me is a school of Atlantic spade fish (Chaetodipterus faber).Supposedly a good fish to eat but I have never tried. Enjoy the video.


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