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Dive Sites - Bonne Terre Mine

I think I have found my next (first) reason to travel to St. Louis. So I can get to the Bonne Terre Mine. The Bonne Terre Mine is an old mine that has flooded and can now be dove. It is open year round with the air temperature in the mine being 62 degrees and the water temp 58.

The Mines have lots of various "trails" to swim along with lots of things to see from natural cave formations to equipment left behind in the mine. And if you don't have a cavern certification, they will help you get that also. Well worth checking out.

Review - Open Water the Movie

When the movie open water was announced, I thought it might have potential. When I found out all of the details of the movie I had lost all interest in seeing the movie. One night shortly before going on a dive trip my wife said she wanted to watch the movie so we rented it. I figured it was only and hour and a half and I could get through it. And I did.

The movie opens up with an introduction of a couple and a little of their relationship. This is the highlight of the movie. Shortly after this they get on a boat and they get left behind. The last hour of the movie is speculation on what happened but it is basically them drifting in water until they get eaten by sharks. The end.

Please save you self the time and money and do not see this movie.

New Issue of UW Photography Magazine

Underwater Photography Magazine has their newest issue out. Its 64 pages of photos, news, reviews, and more. All you have to do to get it is go here, enter you email address (which they use to notify you of new issues, and then download it for free.

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th of every year is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. What does that mean to you? It means you should talk like a pirate on that day. If you don't know how you can watch the video below for a short lesson. If you just feel silly, do it anyways. If you think you might get fired, then just pass this post on to someone who might be a real pirate as you are not.

More info here.

Diving Trails - New York State

When I was younger I used to hike a lot. As I have gotten older I have not lost my love of hiking but it is just now day trips. One of the places I loved to hike was (is) the Appalachian trail. As scuba divers, we cannot swim a dozen or so miles a day. At least I can't. But we can go boating on state water trails.

NY has a state water trail and how now established dive sites on this trail that divers can scuba dive on. The first two of these sites are the wreck of the David S Mills and the Eagle Wings. The other three are still under development and will be posted on the NY Seagrant Homepage.

I don't know if I am up to diving in the cold water of New York. It might take an invitation to get me up there. But I am glad to see states and local dive societies provide new experiences for divers as well as possible entice others to start diving.

Sites - Underwater Photography

Taking pictures underwater is very different then taking pictures above. The lighting is different. You have to worry about getting you camera wet. And your subjects can and often are afraid of you (especially is you move fast or a lot). I will hopefully provide some tips every so often that I have learned that might help you but I am not an expert. I consider myself just above beginner.

Until I get started let me send you to two websites that I find fun and helpful. The first is Underwater Photography Magazine. is a FREE web based magazine that has great pictures, reviews of digital equipment and tips. Well worth a trip every other month to see whats going on.

The second website is Wetpixel. Wetpixel is a site dedicated to underwater digital photography and videography. On their site they have reviews, tips, pictures, as well as a forum. I think the forum feature is great as it allows you to share photos with other divers as well as ask questions and…

Skills - Exiting the Water

Leaving the water can sometimes be a lot harder the getting in. The easiest entry is always the safest and easiest to do based on the situation. The exit can be limited based on the conditions that are presented. Make sure that before you enter the water you know how you are going to get out.

I stumbled upon this video and think that it provides a good example of 1) and exit I never want to have to do, and 2) a guy who might not realize how to get out of the water. I would have recommended he take off his fins.

Advice - Accidents

"Accidents happen"

Accidents are something that happen that are not intentional. In the world of scuba diving, this can lead to people getting hurt by the bends or dropping and tank on their foot and breaking some bones. No matter what we do, accidents will happen in the scuba industry.

Stupidity happens also. Every year people die or have near misses not because they were venturing a little beyond their limits, or standards, or just good practices, but because they were going way beyond them. Check this story out. A scuba diver decides to go into a wreck. Looses visibility due to stirring up silt inside and gets lost. Thanks to his buddy and another dive boat. They manage to get him out after an hour. If you have never been wreck diving, take a course they teach you how to prepare for that or at least, what you shouldn't be doing.

Basically, when scuba diving, use a little common sense and if you aren't sure, don't do it.

Below is a video of an accident.

Jelly Fish - Aquariums

First let me start by saying that jellyfish are pretty neat creatures. Whenever I go the the aquarium or the zoo, I love to spend a couple of minutes looking at them because they are fairly graceful when the move through the water. Also, many of the places you see them have them lit up so they look even neater.

On the flip side, I hate diving with jellyfish. When I dive off of the outer banks in North Carolina, I almost always get stung by a jellyfish. And when you are at 50 feet and just starting your dive, all you go do is think "OOWWwww" (and maybe cry a little from the pain).

All that being said, there is a new aquarium out so that you can view jellyfish at your home or office. Aquapict LED Jellyfish houses fake jellyfish (although they look kind of real in the pictures) that float around. You can change the LED colors and patterns to enhance the viewing. I don't know if it is worth the $137.00 they are charging but it would still be neat to see. If anyone buys…

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

When I was younger a favorite book (and a good movie) was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I am sure that many of you have already seen the movie or read to book but for those who haven't, you should. One of my favorite parts of the book is how Capt. Nemo and his crew lived off of the sea. They went underwater to hunt fish and to cultivate plants for their survival on the boat. They even buried people at sea.

Well, it seems some Italians are now trying to prove that what Nemo did is possible. They plan to live underwater at a depth 15 meters (49 feet) for two weeks. During this time they will try to live off the ocean without disrupting the ecosystem. I will be interested to see how this experiment comes out.

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