Advice - Accidents

"Accidents happen"

Accidents are something that happen that are not intentional. In the world of scuba diving, this can lead to people getting hurt by the bends or dropping and tank on their foot and breaking some bones. No matter what we do, accidents will happen in the scuba industry.

Stupidity happens also. Every year people die or have near misses not because they were venturing a little beyond their limits, or standards, or just good practices, but because they were going way beyond them. Check this story out. A scuba diver decides to go into a wreck. Looses visibility due to stirring up silt inside and gets lost. Thanks to his buddy and another dive boat. They manage to get him out after an hour. If you have never been wreck diving, take a course they teach you how to prepare for that or at least, what you shouldn't be doing.

Basically, when scuba diving, use a little common sense and if you aren't sure, don't do it.

Below is a video of an accident.


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