Diving Trails - New York State

When I was younger I used to hike a lot. As I have gotten older I have not lost my love of hiking but it is just now day trips. One of the places I loved to hike was (is) the Appalachian trail. As scuba divers, we cannot swim a dozen or so miles a day. At least I can't. But we can go boating on state water trails.

NY has a state water trail and how now established dive sites on this trail that divers can scuba dive on. The first two of these sites are the wreck of the David S Mills and the Eagle Wings. The other three are still under development and will be posted on the NY Seagrant Homepage.

I don't know if I am up to diving in the cold water of New York. It might take an invitation to get me up there. But I am glad to see states and local dive societies provide new experiences for divers as well as possible entice others to start diving.


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