Jelly Fish - Aquariums

First let me start by saying that jellyfish are pretty neat creatures. Whenever I go the the aquarium or the zoo, I love to spend a couple of minutes looking at them because they are fairly graceful when the move through the water. Also, many of the places you see them have them lit up so they look even neater.

On the flip side, I hate diving with jellyfish. When I dive off of the outer banks in North Carolina, I almost always get stung by a jellyfish. And when you are at 50 feet and just starting your dive, all you go do is think "OOWWwww" (and maybe cry a little from the pain).

All that being said, there is a new aquarium out so that you can view jellyfish at your home or office. Aquapict LED Jellyfish houses fake jellyfish (although they look kind of real in the pictures) that float around. You can change the LED colors and patterns to enhance the viewing. I don't know if it is worth the $137.00 they are charging but it would still be neat to see. If anyone buys it, let me know how it is.



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