Sites - Underwater Photography

Taking pictures underwater is very different then taking pictures above. The lighting is different. You have to worry about getting you camera wet. And your subjects can and often are afraid of you (especially is you move fast or a lot). I will hopefully provide some tips every so often that I have learned that might help you but I am not an expert. I consider myself just above beginner.

Until I get started let me send you to two websites that I find fun and helpful. The first is Underwater Photography Magazine. is a FREE web based magazine that has great pictures, reviews of digital equipment and tips. Well worth a trip every other month to see whats going on.

The second website is Wetpixel. Wetpixel is a site dedicated to underwater digital photography and videography. On their site they have reviews, tips, pictures, as well as a forum. I think the forum feature is great as it allows you to share photos with other divers as well as ask questions and seek advice.


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