Seabob ????

I have always wanted an underwater scooter. They go fast. Well, it looks like Seabob (no I have never heard of them before, has or is soon, going to release a new scooter. The Cayago Magnum which is a limited edition scooter will be able to operate up to "extreme depths" and run for up to 4 hours will start at around 14,000. To sweeten the deal it also comes with a "comprehensive navigation and location technology system." I take that to mean is has an underwater compass built in.

There are no other specs for this model but the other models while they can go deep, are limited to an hour run time and about 120 feet. I do like the face that there is no propeller for things to get caught in but I don't know if its worth my $14,000 just yet.

You can check out their website here.

There is also a video of there lesser models here. They actually go deep about 2 minutes into the video.


Anonymous said…
I had seen this at the Fort Lauderdale show. I put in an order for the Cayago Magnum. I go to Catalina Island almost every weekend in the summer and love the idea of free diving and deeper depths with this thing. It costs the same as a Jet Ski and offers alot of fun. Anyhow, I'll let you know... SV.

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