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Scuba Gifts - winter Holiday Edition (Christmas) Part1

Sometimes it is hard to buy for people. I know that I find it hard to buy for some people. So I have decided to come up with a list of items you can get for you scuba friends. (p.s. if you want to buy something for me let me know and I will provide you with my scuba list)
The traditional knife I used to love dive knives. Unfortunately, most of the ones I like are no longer made (I don't know why). But realistcally, you don't need a big knife as you will never use it. A small one will do just fine. That being said, I don't like most of the small knives on the market. The Oceanic Spinner looks interesting, I will have to see if I can find it to review it. Until then, my favorite knife right now is the Z Knife.

I currently use the Z knife in red. The only problem with it is that it rusts. I think I am going to try the OMS one because it is titanium so it won't rust. This is what I would give as a gift for someone who does not have a knife.

Store Front

Students have often asked me if they could be a T-shirt or some other item with the NovaDiving logo on it. It was really expensive for me to go the printer and get them to order a shirt at a time. I found some place that will do it much cheaper and students don't have to go through me. They can now go to I am still adding things to the site. If you do have an idea for something you want I will happily put it up there, just let me know.

Movie - Sharkwater

So a student told me that there was a new movie coming out about sharks. He sent me some info and I am just now getting around to finding out more about it. It looks to be an environmentally conscious film about preservation of sharks. Below is the synopsis and the preview of the movie (fast forward about 30 seconds).

Sharkwater synopsis (from

For filmmaker Rob Stewart, exploring sharks began as an underwater adventure. What it turned into was a beautiful and dangerous life journey into the balance of life on earth.

Driven by passion fed from a lifelong fascination with sharks, Stewart debunks historical stereotypes and media depictions of sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eating monsters and reveals the reality of sharks as pillars in the evolution of the seas.

Filmed in visually stunning, high definition video, Sharkwater takes you into the most shark rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the world's shark populations in the …