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Happy Sysadmin Today

Wish you sysadmin a good day today. Then enjoy and play a game of Bill V. Steve.

Go Snorkel on the Fury

For those of you looking for a great snorkeling experience. I recommend snorkelling on the Fury. Capt. Mike runs a great ship that goes and sees the sea turtles every time out. Worth the trip and the money. Check it out.

Latitude 18 in St. Thomas

For those of you travelling to St. Thomas, I recommend stopping by for dinner and some music any Friday or Saturday night. The food is great, the drinks are wet and the band rocks. Check out the clip below.

Get Together and Pool Night

On January 23, Nova Diving will be meeting a SeaVentures in Fairfax for a get together at 6:30 PM. There will be food and friends so come and stop by. For previous students, there will be a pool session you can go to at 9:00 at the George Mason Pool. Cost will be $10.00